Trimauxil, the flagship health care product commercialized by AuxThera, is based on a serendipitous discovery in the laboratory of a US based drug development company.  AuxThera LLC was created by Al Fosmoe, who after 30 years of experience in the regulated health care industry, feels that this technology has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of companion pets.  One out of every two companion pets suffers the consequences of being overweight and Mr. Fosmoe believes that Trimauxil is an important development to help the veterinary care industry address the #1 health issue facing companion pets.  
In 2014, Mr. Fosmoe brought together an exceptional group of industry leaders to commercialize Trimauxil.  Each member of the Trimauxil team has invested their time and talents to ensure the success of Trimauxil.  As pet owners, one and all, we believe in improving the health of companion pets and Trimauxil is an essential element of our mission. 
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