At Trimauxil, we believe every dog deserves the opportunity to be a healthy weight.  Every decision we make revolves around our commitment to helping dogs live longer and healthier lives.

We know first-hand the positive effect dogs have on our lives and want to enhance the impact we have on theirs. As a team of animal lovers, it is our first priority to help every dog owner give the best quality of life possible to their four-legged friends

Trimauxil is more than a product, it’s a solution. In partnership with veterinarians, our three-part solution is a comprehensive approach to supporting weight loss and longevity in dogs. Through a combination of prescription-only Trimauxil, a monitored feeding plan, and personalized education & support, we help veterinarians guide pet owners down the path to getting their dogs back to a healthy weight and wagging their tails just like they used to!