Can I continue to give my dog treats while on the Trimauxil 3 Part Program?

You can really help achieve the weight loss goal by eliminating table scraps and replacing treats with healthier options such as green beans or carrots (dogs love them!). 

What does Trimauxil taste like?

Dogs love the savory flavor of Trimauxil It is not bitter and dogs tend to look forward to their feedings. 

How often do I mix Trimauxil on my dog's food?

It is essential that the pet owners accurately measure both Trimauxil and the dog’s food. The amounts determined by your veterinarian ensure the daily nutritional needs are met while supporting weight loss. Accurate measurement of Trimauxil is one level scoop. Accurate measure of food requires use of a measuring cup or scale.

Can I give Trimauxil to my cat?

No, Trimauxil is not yet formulated for use in cats so for their safety, please do not give them Trimauxil

Why is my veterinarian recommending less food than is suggested on the manufacturer's label?

Your veterinarian will ensure that your dog’s daily caloric and nutritional needs are being met. The amount of food is based on your dog’s basal metabolic needs in combination with the benefits of Trimauxil. Your veterinarian will recalculate this amount upon each visit and may make adjustments as your dog moves toward the targeted weight.

How can I get Trimauxil if my veterinarian isn't yet offering the Trimauxil treatment program?

If your veterinarian is not yet offering the Trimauxil program, please “Request a Vet” on our Products and Technology page and our team will reach out to them for you!

Do I have to change my dog's food?

Trimauxil works with any food provided the amounts determined by your veterinarian will nutritionally support weight loss.

How long will my dog have to be on Trimauxil?

The duration of the 3 Part Program will be determined by your veterinarian as a function of the weight loss goals. You should start seeing results after the first month, and once target weight is reached, Trimauxil will be stopped.

Can my dog take Trimauxil while taking other medications?

As with any product, talk to your veterinarian and make sure they are aware of any and all medications your dog is currently taking.

What happens if I miss a dose of Trimauxil?

If you miss a dose of Trimauxil in any one day, just make a note on the diary card. Do not give your dog two doses in one day. 

Is Trimauxil offered for sale online or in major pet retail stores?

No, Trimauxil must be managed under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  

How can I tell if my dog is overweight?

If you suspect your dog is overweight, talk to your veterinarian.  A majority of dog owners find it difficult to recognize when their dog becomes overweight. 

What if I lose the Trimauxil scoop?

Do not guess on amount; immediately call your vet. Giving your dog the correct amount of Trimauxil is important.