Trimauxil is the novel therapeutic component of the multimodal approach designed to help your dog lose weight. Trimauxil is a powder formulated from a naturally occurring amino acid related compound and is sprinkled on your dog’s food once daily. It’s easy for you to administer, safe for your dog, and they love the taste!

diet control

Your veterinarian has calculated your dog’s nutritional needs and determined an amount for you to measure and feed daily based on the nutritional content provided by your dog’s food. This amount of food has been tailored specifically to your dog while on the Trimauxil program so you are simply able to measure and feed!

education and support

Weight loss can be difficult if going at it alone. Luckily you and your dog have your veterinary team and the Trimauxil team to support you through every step of this program. From check-ins, to answering questions, or just offering encouragement and support – we’re here for you as you support your dog with this positive life change.

Trimauxil and the Multimodal Approach address the #1 health issue facing dogs and are available only through your veterinarian. Refer your vet today and get your pet started on the path to improved health.

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